Automatic Sliding Gates - Procter Pro-glide Series


At Procter we offer a full range of high quality automatic sliding gates.  (Note: All sliding gates ae available for manual operation as well, subject to size and weight being acceptable.) So for us it is simply a question of which style is most appropriate for any individual project or site.  

Sliding Gates are space efficient and can cover large openings up to 15m each and for even larger entrances a pair of gates can be used to cover an opening of double the size.   

Sliding Gates are generally more secure than swing gates as they are retained within a rigid structure and are retained at the closed end making them much more difficult to force open and in particular less likely to be breached by vehicle impact.   In addition, the more vulnerable points of a sliding gate are less accessible compared to a hinged gate.  As well as being more secure, sliding gates, arguably, look more secure - so there is an element of deterrent here too.  

Where a roadway surface rises up on the property side of the access points needing a gate, a sliding gate will inevitably be the best (perhaps only) solution.  

Here we consider the different styles and benefits of automatic sliding gates. The Procter Pro-glide range of tracked and cantilevered sliding gates is ideal for most applications.  So please email to arrange a site visit or just for an initial discussion.


  Pro-glide 20 Sliding Gate SL013 Pro-glide 30 Bespoke Cantilever Gate
Pro-glide Design Technical Specifications: Pro-glide 5 Pro-glide 20 Pro-glide 30
Robust steel hollow section steel frame
Hollow section guide posts Rectangular Circular Bespoke
Guide post frame infill heavy duty welded mesh / sheet metal panels attractive profiled sheet metal panels Bespoke
Choice of gate frame infill material including heavy-duty welded mesh, palisade or vertical bars Bespoke
Full set of safety features including safe-edge, photocells, warning light etc
Customer branding options between the guideposts + on the panel at the leading edge of the gate Bespoke
Optional matching personnel access gate
Distinctive heavy-duty splayed guide posts   Bespoke
Profiled fascia design with integral warning light and motor cover   Bespoke
Inset operator control panel with light   Optional Optional
Customer branding options between the guide posts and on the gate leading edge panel  

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