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A Proud Heritage in The Design, Manufacturing and Installation of Gates Stretching Back More Than 100 Years

‚ÄčAlthough the full automation of large gates for industrial and other premises has only been with us for about 10 years or so, Procter's involvement in gates goes back more than 100 years.  Throughout this time we have been at the forefront of gate design, innovation and safety, and with technology always evolving the nature of the products we offer, the only consistent thread which has never changed is commitment to the high standard of customer service provided. 

The Stability Which Comes From Being Part of A Much Larger Business

Procter Automatic Gates is part of Procter Bros Ltd., a family owned business whose origins go back around 275 years to the 1740s.  Procter other divisions are Fencing Systems, Fencing and Concrete Products, Cast Stone and Machine Guarding. 

The scale of wider Procter Bros. business and related products and services such as fencing and machine guarding, ensures a financially stable business for our cutsomers to deal with and one where value is added from the experience and skills gained in the other divisions.  As a specific and very relevant example, we very often take on complete fencing and gate projects and on a very large scale, with this seeing us design, manufacture and install bespoke fencing and automatic gates - including on projects which require very high security - to ensure our customers receive a complete and thorough service from just one business and with one point of contact. 

Unrivalled expertise combined with a comprehensive design and manufacturing capability

Because we have the capability to manufacture virtually any type, size and specification of automatic gate, our proposed solution to any specific entrance challenge will always be one which is the most suitable for the job - not one that just suits our preferred method of manufacture (because we do not have such a thing).  Of course in some situations our customer will know exactly the type, size and specification of automatic gate they want, but even in these circumstances we can still add value and even if it is just at a very detailed level, and typically associated with ensuring the gate is 100% safe. 

So whether it is a cantilevered sliding gate, large swing gate or one of the relatively new bi-folding or telescopic gates and with or without matching fencing, we have the full capability to design manufacture and install the optimum solution. 

Our Experience

We have over 100 years experience in designing, manufacturing and installing gates, with many prestigious projects completed in this time. These include the famous gates at Kensington Palace, with notable sliding gate projects such as the Port of London, Bournemouth Airport and Sony's UK base.

In more recent decades, technology has played a greater part in automatic gates and we have always been at the leading edge of technical innovation. This experience and knowledge allows us to provide every type of sliding gate, including tracked gates, cantilevered gates and heavy duty cantilevered gates. With a wide range of automation and access control options to suit every application.

Our People

All Procter Automatic Gates staff are trained to support the products and services we provide, and this culture is backed by audited quality control procedures to ISO9001-2008.

All Procter site personnel have received the required Health & Safety training.

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