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Automatic Gates Applications

Deciding to use an automatic sliding or telescopic gate rather than an automatic swing gate has rather more to do with factors such as the level of security needed, size of the opening the gate will fill, and whether or not the access roadway the gate passes over is level or on a slope, than the broad type of premises the gate might protect. 

Typical sites where automatic gates are especially suitable include those listed below: 
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Police Stations
  • Data Centres
  • Industrial properties
  • Distribution centres
  • Warehouses
  • Delivery areas for retail outlets (in particular supermarkets and other retailers on out-of-town developments)
  • Docks and ports
  • Airports
  • Airfields
  • Prisons and Young Offender Institutions
  • Power Stations
  • Waste disposal and recycling plants (in particular those processing sensitive materials such as that from hospitals)
  • Print works (in particular those producing high value product such as currency and stamps, or sensitive / time critical material such as daily press)
  • Military bases
  • Gasworks
  • Water processing plants
  • Sewage works

Choose the Most Suitable Gate for Your Site - Procter Gate Selector

Procter Automatic Gates are supplied in a number of styles, sizes and specifications.  Each type has its own operational characteristics, which make them suitable for different applications.  All styles are available in a range of different materials specifications and access control options.  All of our automatic gates are supplied with the safety features required under current legislation and CE marked and commissioned by Procter trained installation teams.  

When selecting which type of automatic gate to specify for your application to the following points are listed to help you choose the right style of gate for the site. 

Swing Gates or Hinged Gates

  • Simplest form of automatic gate
  • Longest history in the market
  • Suitable for many applications
  • Cost-effective solution.  
  • Require free space at least as big as the arc of sweep of the gate
  • Requires level ground throughout the arc of movement so that the gate can open without catching the ground with a consistent gap underneath the gate;
  • Most swing gates can be installed with either arm operation or below ground operation, which will typically be better aesthetically but require more groundwork to install.  

Sliding Gates

All types of Sliding Gate need a runback area, typically alongside a perimeter fence or wall.  There are principally 2 types of Sliding Gates: 

Cantilever Sliding Gates

  • Space efficient 
  • Large openings up to 15m each (for even larger entrances a pair of gates can be used to cover an opening of double the size)  
  • More secure than swing gates 
  • Do not require a ground track - this can be advantageous where the ground is uneven or sloping; 
  • Quiet in operation
  • Less ground work is required as no rail is used
  • The gate's operation will be unaffected by debris and snow and ice below it
  • Require a slightly longer area than a tracked sliding gate 

Tracked Sliding Gates

  • Space efficient 
  • Large openings up to 15m each (for even larger entrances a pair of gates can be used to cover an opening of double the size)  
  • More secure than swing gates 
  • Suit very wide openings because the gate is fully supported along its length of travel; 
  • Shorter run back area than a Cantilever sliding gate; 
  • Can be better suited to very heavy specifications Steel plate
  • Require to be kept free obstruction, debris etc.  
  • Require a level surface through the length of track;

Telescopic Sliding Gates

  • Less runback area 
  • Takes up less space compared to a conventional tracked or cantilevered sliding gate. 
  • Ideal for a site where space is restricted either side of an entrance. 

Bi-folding Gates or Speed Gates

  • Can open and close in less time than a swing gate or sliding gate.  
  • Take up less space when in the open position 
  • Ideal when there are high level of vehicle traffic where it is important the gate closes after each individual vehicle then quickly opens again for the next one.  
  • Much reduced opening arc, ideal for sites where the swing back area is restricted or where the roadway rises up.  

Selecting the ideal gate for your project

The above information will hopefully help you in the first thoughts about which type of Procter Automatic Gate is best for your project.  However, a site meeting with one of our highly experienced team will always be the best way to fully determine which type of gate and the exact specification needed.  Please contact us to arrange a site visit. 

For all styles of Automatic Gates, Procter can supply barriers, bollards, turnstiles and compatible fencing or railings for a complete perimeter solution.  

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