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Exol distribution centre large opening automatic telescopic gates


Location of Project

G P Thomas

Project overview

The company recently designed, manufactured and installed for Exol Lubricants’ head office and distribution centre in the West Midlands. As part of the same contract, matching laser-cut fence panels were also installed.

The main gate is a tracked, three-panel telescopic gate with full automation. Despite the heavy-duty construction from galvanised steel, the telescopic configuration enables the gate to open and close remarkably quickly. Procter Automatic Gates took full responsibility for the project, including design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and, most importantly, CE marking in line with the Machinery Directive to prove that the two powered gates are safe. The second gate, which is very similar to the first, was installed at the same time, as were the matching fence panels. All of the gate leaves and fence panels feature a striking visual design that was laser-profiled using Procter’s CNC cutting equipment prior to the tough, long-lasting galvanised finish being applied.

Working with drawings supplied by the architect, Procter Automatic Gates based the designs for the telescopic gates on its standard product, but customised them to take account of the required heights, openings and visual appearance, as well as the space available for the runback areas. Procter’s designers were easily able to take the geometric design for the laser-cut panelling and use it for the gate leaves and fence panels. One of the key reasons for using a telescopic gate was that space at the West Midlands site is very limited, and telescopic gates need only minimal space both during opening and when fully open. Conventional swing gates or sliding gates would not have been practical for this site.

Procter Automatic Gates has produced a new video showing fully automated bespoke telescopic gates.  It shows how the telescopic gates meet Exol Lubricants’ need for visually attractive yet robust gates that occupy little space, with the matching fence panels helping to present a very high-quality appearance for the site perimeter.

Project Length
This was a four-week project which required tight management to meet the deadline.  

Client Feedback
"We engaged Procter on a complex new build factory project in Birmingham.  Our clients Exol Lubricants had requested a pair of bespoke automated sliding gates and laser cut panelling package to compliment the new facade of the site.
Procter was excellent to deal with.  They were able to take the client brief and create a practical, high-quality solution to a far from straightforward problem.  They worked with us to ensure that the package was delivered on time, within budget and most importantly to the clients' satisfaction.  I would not hesitate in using them again."  

George Thomas, Director
G.P Thomas Construction

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