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Automatic Gates FAQs

1. Can I have automation retro fitted to an existing gate?

Yes; that's usually no problem for us and we'd be very happy to install it.

2. What about the safety of your gates? How do I know they're as safe as possible and conform to an legislation?

We put a huge emphasis on safety, and all our gates have features built into them to ensure that they are as safe as possible and conform to current and forthcoming European directives. To prove this, every gate we manufacture and install carries the CE mark.

3. What about access control - there just seem so many options?

Yes that's very true and the number of possible solutions, given some will include more than one method of access control and can also be integrated into existing systems for other access points within a site, is almost infinite. At Procter Automatic Gates we fully understand access control and will always be able to advise our customers on the best possible solution for any set of circumstances. Click here to go to Access Control

4. Are your prices competitive?

Yes, very competitive. In fact our prices are typically lower than for gates of a similar quality to ours which are manufactured in mainland Europe - e.g. Germany. The best way to find out of course is to let us quote on your project.

5. The gate I need would have to visually tie-in with architectural features of our property. Can you do that?

Definitely. All our range of automatic gates can be designed and manufactured to do just that. Click here to go to the Automatic Gates Product Range

6. Do you use your own team for installation or contractors?

Always our own team, and all of them are highly experienced and skilled in what they do.

7. Can you also design and install security fencing to match your gates?

Yes - Procter Automatic Gates and Procter Fencing Systems are part of the same division of Procter Bros. In fact we've been designing, manufacturing and installing fencing for over 100 years.

8. Do you cover the whole of the UK or just some regions?

We cover the whole of the UK and will happily travel to any site regardless of where it is.

9. How long does installation take on site?

We can usually do it in just one or two days, and that's because the gate comes largely assembled on one of our trucks and we simply lift it off the lorry and crane it into position on pre-prepared foundations.

10. Will you be able to fully maintain the gates for us after installation

Yes and that's very much part of the total service we provide.


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