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Our Dedicated Manufacturing Facility For Automatic Gates

Not all suppliers and installers of automatic gates have their own manufacturing facility (something to be aware of if you are researching with a view to appointing a company for an automatic gate project) but at Procter we most certainly do, and indeed this has always been the case throughout our 100+ year history.  

Having our own manufacturing facility for automatic gates means we have full control over quality and schedules, ensuring the finished job meets expectations and is installed on the agreed date.  And having a large facility with a multi-skilled workforce and with all the necessary machinery in place - much of which is state-of-the-art such as CNC - also means that we are not tied to any one type of gate.  So if the site conditions and customer requirements point to a lower cost automatic swing gate rather than a more expensive bi-fold gate, then that is what we will design and manufacture.   

Give that access systems are such an important feature of many automatic gates, the manufacturing process has to take this into account as some components, including wiring, have to be incorporated into the structure.  This is a standard procedure for us and we work closely with access control systems suppliers to ensure only the best components are used. 

Yet another benefit of having our own manufacturing facility is that we can also produce matching fencing and railings.  This makes for a cost-effective and practical solution for our customers, and our experience in fencing and railings is equal to that of automatic gates. 


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