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DHF guidance on the Machinery Directive

A recent article in Perimeter Systems questioned the applicability of the Machinery Directive to automated gates and the advice given by DHF on this subject.

Following a recent meeting with HSE, the main authority responsible for enforcing the Machinery Directive in the UK, the DHF has clarified the principles underlying their Machinery Directive guidance and confirmed their position.

In summary, powered gates, doors and barriers must comply with the Machinery Directive/SMSR08 when supplied or put into service and that situation is very unlikely to change. The standards are intended to help the industry comply with the Machinery Directive/SMSR08 and must be considered as the minimum level of compliance. Importantly, it is appreciated that the standards are detailed and complicated, hence the value of the DHF Technical Specifications which condense and simplify the contents of the standards.

Download the full findings.

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