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Bi-folding gates & Speed Gates are fast with safer access

Bi-folding gates are often used where there is continual or high levels of vehicle traffic, plus where it is also important that the gate closes after each individual vehicle passes through and then quickly opens again for the next one – so perhaps a staff car park entrance.

Bi-fold gates, or speed gates as they are also called, offer advantages over swing gates and sliding gates in certain applications.

  • Bi-folding gates can open and close in less time than a swing or sliding gate. So this could be useful where, for example, security requirements dictate that an entrance should only remain open for a minimum period of time.
  • Taking up less space when open (so this might be helpful in a solution where there was limited space for the gate to open into – i.e a bi-folding gate will take up approximately half the opening arc of a conventional swing gate)

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