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Automatic Gates Full Product Range

Automatic Gates that Procter designs, manufactures and installs include swing gates, sliding and bi-folding gates, and our gates can be found protecting large industrial facilities, utility complexes, schools and transport hubs across the country.  Gate safety is absolutely central to our business philosophy, and all our gates are CE marked to demonstrate that they match or exceed the legal requirements for Health & Safety. 

Entrance gate automatic systems are typically used to increase security, allow the opening and closing from a location remote to the gate, for health and safety reasons, or when the gates are used frequently.  Specific reasons to install automatic gates for security reasons would include:
  • Frequent or night time vehicle access
  • Requirement to operate the gate from a remote location
  • Risk of theft from any part of the premises - e.g. staff vehicles and company property
  • Protecting combustible materials from arson attacks
  • Protection against industrial espionage (for some high-tech business this could be a reason on its own)
  • Part of the protection measures against contamination - e.g. for premises preparing foodstuffs

Automatic Gates can essentially be separate into five types,  click the image to check their suitability and advantages for different site conditions.

    automatic sliding gates                            

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