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Our Free Site Survey Service for Automatic Gates

Our free site survey service is an essential start point to any gate project, as it allows us to recommend the best solution and provide an accurate quotation.  If our customer is already clear on what type of gate they require then this does of course make the survey process simpler, but in many cases it will be our job to recommend the best type of automatic gate for the job, be it cantilevered sliding, tracked sliding, swing, bi-fold or telescopic.  

There a host of factors we will consider at the site survey ahead of determining the best option, with these including the width of the opening the gate has to span, how level the ground is, if it was very uneven and/or on a slope, this would eliminate the potential for a tracked sliding gate and make a cantilevered gate a strong option.  And also to pick up on security requirements for the gate, not only would this have a bearing on the type of gate, its height and the materials it was constructed from, but also the nature of the access control - e.g. operated by a person in a remote location watching it via CCTV, or a host of personal access controls from fingerprint recognition to keypad.  

Along with the list of technical considerations, we will also review the aesthetic requirements for the gate, which might be something as simple as including a laser-cut logo or colour matching to existing fencing, to replicating architectural detail from a building in the grounds the gate is to protect.  

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