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Access Control for Automatic Gate Security Systems


Access control works as an integral part of a automatic gate's automation system. The types of access control are numerous with the main ones being:

Radio Remote Control

This is a relatively simple and effective way of achieving access control for automatic gates, with a further option of being able to operate a handheld device - e.g. from a vehicle. Using approved VHF radio frequencies, a radio controlled device can have an operating range of between 20 and 1000 metres. Handheld devices can take a number of forms, including key-fobs or larger handheld units. Radio remote control for sliding gates is an ideal solution for multiple users and when these users have different reasons for access.

Proximity Detectors

This system is really only appropriate for low security applications, as the gate will open when movement is detected at a certain point. Proximity detectors are often used on automatic gates well within the confines of a premises, and therefore will be accessed by staff only - e.g. a forklift and driver passing from one distinct area to another within a very large industrial complex.

Number Plate Recognition

As the name suggests, this system will recognise specific number plates and these will obviously have been entered into software on a PC which is part of the system. A number plate recognition system for automatic gates would normally be part of a wider access control system - e.g. it would also have a local or remote push button system for security staff to open the gate for site visitors whose number plates wouldn't have been entered into the software.

Digital Keypad

Digital keypads are an ideal solution for both pedestrian and vehicle access, and simply work when a pre-determined four digit code is keyed-in. Again, such a system would also have an override such as remote push button for security staff in a separate location or adjacent control room. Where the digital keypad is on a public-facing side of premises, it can be made vandal proof through use of a high quality stainless steel construction.

Magnetic Card Reader

Similar in application to the digital keypad, magnetic card readers allow for a slightly quicker entry as the automatic gate will open when the pre-issued card is help up against the reader. Due to its relative simplicity and speed of use, this system is ideal when relatively large numbers of people and/or vehicles need access to a site via a automatic gate. Alternatively, selected personnel could be issued with cards and the gate operated for others - e.g. site visitors - through another system operated by security staff.

Induction Loop Detector

This system uses a cable loop underneath the road surface which produces a magnetic field. The magnetic field changes when a vehicle passes over it, and this activates a signal which opens the automatic gate. The system can be designed to work with vans, HGVs and cars. Induction loops will often be used for vehicles exiting a site rather than entering.

Local or Remote Push Button

Arguably the simplest of systems, local or remote push button operates the gate as the name suggests. As mentioned with some of the other more sophisticated options, local or remote push button is often used in conjunction with other systems. This then allowing for other systems to be overridden when necessary - e.g. to allow visitors entry when staff were opening the automatic gate themselves via a system such as digital keypad.

Audio and/or CCTV Remote Control

This system would typically be used where control of the automatic gate was in a remote location, and in conjunction with the above push button system. So when a person or vehicle approaches the gate, security personnel can establish whether or not to allow access by using audio and/or the video obtained via CCTV.

Key Switch

A high security solution, which means selected personnel having to insert a key in order to activate a local or remote push button.

Integration into Customers Existing Access Control Systems

Where a automatic gate is installed onto an established site or when an existing gate is retrofitted with automation and access control, it will often make sense to integrate the automatic gate access system with existing security and access systems. Where this is the case, we will always be able to advise on the best solution to ensure the new access system is properly integrated and in a cost-effective way.

As can be seen from the above list, there are many types of access control and indeed other, more specialist, options not mentioned. At Procter Automatic Gates we have huge experience and knowledge in all types of access control and will be able to recommend the best possible solution for any situation. So please call us or email Procter Automatic Gates with any questions you have, to discuss generally, or to arrange a site visit.

Contact us directly with your Automatic Gates Enquiry so we can get straight back to you to discuss your requirements and provide a proposal.

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